5 Stages of 2020 Grief. #coronavirus #2020 #BLM

Barb Taub

2020: This year has a LOT to answer for.

My friend Sarah was talking about who has suffered most during the past year. People in their sixties like us don’t have as much to lose, she pointed out. Our kids are grown, we have financial security, and many of us are looking at another twenty-plus years of good health and freedom to pursue our interests. But people in their eighties and above have had to give up what might be their last chance to travel or explore interests. And perhaps with the longest-reaching consequences, young people and especially young women, have seen their lives put on hold— education interrupted, jobs lost, weddings cancelled or postponed, devastating choices made between providing for and taking care of their children.

For families and friends of over a million pandemic victims worldwide, 2020 meant the ultimate personal loss and bereavement.

For the rest of…

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