Red for Right by GB Williams

As a proof reader, my father used a green pen, but Gail Williams wields a red one for editing.

Crime Cymru

In our How I Write series, our Crime Cymru authors share their insights into the writing process. This week, GB Williams talks about the importance of editing and of working with a good editor.

Red for Right

Every reader, and every good author, knows that good editing is as vital as good writing. Writing starts the process; editing is essential to getting it right. Editing is all that red pen that points the way for getting it right. Being edited can be painful. Editing your own work to the fullest extent is an impossibility.

While a few readers scream about that last sentence, let’s examine why it was said. Self-editing is a hugely important part of the author’s process. It should be the very first step after writing a first draft. But, because the author knows what should be on the page, there’s a good chance that they will…

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