How I Write by Cheryl Rees-Price

good advice on how to plot.

Crime Cymru

In our How I Write series, our Crime Cymru authors share their insights into the writing process. This week, Cheryl Rees-Price gives a beautifully clear step-by-step guide to plotting and preparationand offers some great tips for aspiring writers.

When I wrote my first book I picked up a pen and started writing with no preparation. I ended up in a mess. Loose ends, plot holes, and a timeline that needed a Tardis. I learnt the hard way that I am a plotter. My everyday life is run by lists and my desk diary so it should have been obvious that this would be the best method for me. Now a great deal of planning goes into my work before I start. This takes the form of a physical file which contains locations, characters, research, and plot outline.

I usually start with locations. I find it helps focus my…

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