Every woman pays this price. No woman made this bargain: #SabinaNessa #SarahEverard #ReclaimTheseStreets

Barb Taub

Sadly, this isn’t a new story. Just a new name.

Sabina Nessa, a young woman taking a five-minute walk to join a friend at a pub in London, was found murdered this week.

Calling on women to stop being victims has never worked.

Calling on men to stop allowing, ignoring, or committing violence isn’t working either. 


The story we SHOULD have read:

LONDON: In the wake of the disappearance and murder of Sarah Everard Sabina Nessa, police in London have been going door-to-door urging all men to stay inside after dark and remain vigilant. In the latest MET briefing, Superintendent Daryl Stiff-Upper issued a statement:

“Clearly, our top priority is safety of our citizens. We all accept that men cannot be expected to control themselves at the provocation provided by women walking, breathing, or existing in their sight. Therefore, starting immediately, we urge all men…

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