Honno Authors Book Fair 2022 Guest Post with Judith Barrow

Carol Lovekin interviewing Judith Barrow, the first of the Honno authors taking part in the Honno Fair on May 7th

Making it up as I go along

Prior to the first Honno Authors Book Fair in May, my first guest post features the splendid Judith Barrow, telling us what she has missed about book fairs. Judith is one of Honno’s most prolific authors and a co-founding member of the original Tenby Book Fair which later transferred to Narberth and where the new Honno Book Fair will be taking place on Saturday 7th May.

Judith has been publishing books with Honno since 2010. Her first book, Pattern of Shadows, heralded the fascinating Howarth Family Saga Series.

She has gone on to write several more books, one of which – The Memory – was shortlisted for the Literature Wales Rhys Davies Trust Fiction Award 2021.

When I asked Judith for her observations on lockdown, and how it has affected her writing, I knew she would come up with something thoughtful, observant and honest. Welcome, Judith and over…

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