How I Write by Dylan H Jones

Very wise words for any writer from Dylan H Jones via Crime Cymru.

Crime Cymru

In the How I Write series, our Crime Cymru authors share their insights into the writing process. This week, Dylan H Jonestackles the burning question of Barry and how to banish – or at least tame – your inner fear as a writer.

Banishing Your Personal Barry. Tips for the doubting writer by Dylan H Jones

Hey Barry, bugger off!

It’s a refrain I’ve been muttering frequently of late, sometimes out loud, much to the confusion of my fellow coffee shop remote workers. Maybe it’s that time of year; all that forced optimism and the cackling of self-help gurus littering my newsfeeds with their warmed up, self-satisfied leftovers. Or maybe it’s just me, but Barry’s been bugging the heck out of me lately, what with his negativity, general apathy, and lack of sympathy for the cause.

As the title promises, there will be some writing advice further down…

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