Honno Authors Book Fair 2022 Guest Post with Annette Purdey Pugh

Another Honno author speaks! Ready for the Honno Book Fair on May 7th

Making it up as I go along

It is my pleasure to introduce, Annette Purdey Pugh, one of Honno’s most recently published authors. Annette will be joining us at the first Honno Author’s Book Fair, scheduled to take place in Narberth on Saturday 7 May.

New to publishing and book fairs, I asked Annette to share her thoughts about publishing her first book during lockdown. We look forward to meeting her in person, and welcoming her to her first book fair.

Over to you, Annette!

My book’s journey towards publication follows almost exactly the course of the first lockdown. Having finally finished my first ever novel, I posted fifty pages to Honno in autumn, 2019. I had no great expectations of the work, but I had been told that Honno were willing to read unsolicited manuscripts, and their website was encouraging. They got back to me in April 2020, with a request for the…

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