Book review: Someone Close to Home by Alex Craigie #RBRT # romance #social commentary #mental health

A great review of a seriously good book, Someone Close to Home, by Alex Craigie


I had never read any of Alex Craigie’s books, the premise of this one was enticing. I was not disappointed – what I read stuck with me long after I read the last page. The author is a compelling author. She wrote the book in response to her experience with care homes – what we call retirement homes here in the US.

Megan Youngblood’s family is dysfunctional. Her mother is a grasping, ambitious and manipulative person. When Megan becomes an international star as a pianist, she takes over her life, including removing Megan’s best friend and soulmate, Gideon, from her life. Then she forces Megan to marry an abusive but popular actor. The final blow occurs when she suffers a stroke and her children banish her to a horrific care home, where she is unable to communicate her needs. Totally dependent on others, she experiences institutional neglect. And then she…

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One thought on “Book review: Someone Close to Home by Alex Craigie #RBRT # romance #social commentary #mental health

  1. I’m only 11 days late in responding to this… Many, many thanks. I’d no idea and without this nudge I might never have seen this great review. I don’t improve with age. (Sigh)

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