An extract from another Crime Cymru author, R.G.Adams

Crime Cymru

In this week’s blog – Crime Cymru member R.G. Adams gives us an excerpt from her debut novel Allegation. (Harrowing, moving and written with a fearsome authenticity, the story forces the reader to question where the truth lies’ Daily Mail)

My debut novel, Allegation, features newly qualified social worker Kit Goddard, who has been allocated to work with the Coopers, an affluent family in the small Welsh town of Sandbeach. Kit’s job is to assess the risk that Matt Cooper may present to his own three children after historical sexual assault allegations have emerged against him, emanating from two women, and dating back to their teenage years. In doing so, Kit finds herself in two minds about handsome, charming Matt. Is he a devoted dad or a manipulative predator? And why does his father, successful businessman Len Cooper, wield such power and influence with Kit’s employers, Sandbeach Council?

In this…

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