Honno Authors Book Fair 2022 Guest at my own party

Leading up to the Honno fair in Narberth on May 7th, Carol Lovekin’s series of posts now feature a real star: Carol Lovekin.

Making it up as I go along

After hosting a number of delightful tales from lockdown from several of my Honno sisters, it’s now my turn.

Initially, the brief was to describe what we had missed about book fairs specifically. This would tie in nicely with the upcoming Honno Authors Book Fair in Narberth on Saturday 7 May. It soon became clear however, most of us have written a book – or seen one published – during lockdown and that became the focus of most of the pieces. As there were no physical launches, and because there were few – if any – book fairs, our books were left to languish in boxes.

Around the time my third novel, Wild Spinning Girls, was published, just weeks before the first lockdown, I’d ordered two boxes, imagining myself attending several book events. They’re still sitting in the corner of my study. Unexpectedly (and with the requisite startled surprise…

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