Blame the Famous Five or ‘What I did on my summer holiday.’ – B E Jones

All about the holidays and places that inspired the brilliant crime novels of B E Jones

Crime Cymru

Ah! Summer is now well upon us and hopefully for many that means sun, sand and relaxation. But for some writers it also means thoughts of crime, dastardly deeds and plans for future books. Certainly the case for Crime Cymru’s B E Jones ………..

Blame the Famous Five or ‘What I did on my summer holiday.’

Sea view with a spot of murder.

For some reason, holidays seem to bring out the worst in me. Every year, when summer comes and normal people’s thoughts turn to trips to the seaside, what sunscreen to buy and which t-shirts to pack, my mind always turns to murder. I suppose, being a crime writer, it’s lucky that I find inspiration in unexpected places, where other people focus on relaxing, sunbathing and taking happy holiday snaps!

I think the obsession with terrible things occurring on holiday started long before I began to write about…

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