Something in the Cellar – A Christmas Tale by J L Harland

Crime Cymru is posting seasonal short stories again, and this chilling one is by our Jacqui Harrett and Janet Laugharne, writing as J L Harland.

Crime Cymru

This week we have a Christmas-themed story from Crime Cymru’s J L Harland

Something in the Cellar

Ed pushed the window up and climbed in, landing with a thump on the wooden floor. Mr North was a grumpy so-and-so, but no one deserved to have their place burgled over Christmas. They’d stretchered the old guy off earlier, after he’d fallen down the front steps, and it would be easy pickings for a burglar to enter through that unlocked window. So, it was a neighbourly deed for Ed just to pop in and lock up. Ed waved to Mrs Alvares across the road as he perched on the window ledge of Mr North’s house, but she was unloading a ton of Christmas shopping from her four by four and just gave him a death stare. So much for festive cheer.

Ed waited while his eyes adjusted, helped by the flashing of…

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