The Whispering Trees – Jacqueline Harrett

Treat yourself to an extract from the latest crime novel by fellow Diamond Crime Author Jacqueline Harrett, courtesy of Crime Cymru.

Crime Cymru

This week we get a peek at Crime Cymru’s Jacqueline Harrett’s latest novel, published by Diamond Crime.

The Whispering Trees, published by Diamond Crime in November 2022, is the second in my crime series featuring DI Mandy Wilde and her side-kick, DS Josh Jones. It was inspired by a walk along the Nant Fawr corridor in Cardiff during lockdown. I imagined a body lying face-down and wondered who he was and how he got there. This extract is from Chapter One as Mandy and Josh arrive at the scene. In their banter as they drive from Cardiff Central to the woods Josh had speculated that it was probably a dog-walker who found the body.


The Whispering Trees

They pushed their way through a small crowd gathered on the pavement. At almost six feet, Mandy had the advantage of being able to see over the heads of most of…

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