Announcing the first Showboat tv #Online #LitFest # Saturday #Authors #Interviews #Q&As #Public #FreeEvent

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On Saturday 16th January 2021, Showboat tv will be holding their first Online LitFest with Authors, Writer and Poets throughout Wales. This link gives all the information: The event is FREE and will be held between 10.30am to approximately 5.00pm. The following is a taster of the event… This…

BOOKCASE – Timeslip by Phil Rowlands

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In this series, we invite our Crime Cymru authors to showcase an excerpt from one of their books. This week, Phil Rowlands reveals the chilling experience that sowed the seed of his new book, TimeSlip. Years ago, living in Fridaythorpe, East Yorkshire, in the heart of the Wolds, I was…

Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – Author Update – Reviews – #YAMystery D.L.Finn, #Memoir Liesbet Collaert, #Family Judith Barrow.

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Welcome to the Wednesday Cafe and Bookstore update with recent reviews for authors on the shelves. The first author today is D.L. Finn with one of the early reviews for her YA  mystery Dolphin’s Cave. About the book The dream always begins the same way for fifteen-year-old Coral Dover.…

Introducing Jan Sikes With her Latest Book: Ghostly Interference

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I’m so pleased today to be with Jan Sikes, author of Ghostly Interference. Welcome Jan. Thank you, Judith lovely to be here. Please tell us, how did publishing your first book change your process of writing? That’s such a great question, Judith. I was so green writing and publishing my…

From my Archives: The Inspiration Behind Pattern of Shadows. Ah, the Memories! #Bookbub

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I’m thrilled that Pattern of Shadows is on BookBub this month and grateful to my publishers, Honno, for the support and belief in my writing. When I discovered the first of the trilogy was going to be promoted, I remembered the research that set off the idea for the book,…

The Memory: Interview with Judith Barrow

Fellow author Judith Barrow‘s novel, The Memory, came out this year and I can vouch for it being a gripping and very moving read. I’ve interviewed her about it – well, cornered her and demanded answers – and this is what she had to say. Q: You’ve written four volumes of a family saga aboutContinue reading “The Memory: Interview with Judith Barrow”

Welcoming Guest Author Judith Barrow

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We welcome Judith Barrow today, talking about her research and settings Hello Judith, and welcome to the blog. First of all, could we ask what kind of research you do? Writing historical family sagas necessitates a lot of research. It’s what I enjoy. It’s fun discovering the fashions of an…

Strong Women and Strong Stories: interview with Juliet Greenwood

Juliet Greenwood brought out a new novel this year – The Ferryman’s Daughter, published by Orion, set in Edwardian Cornwall, but here is my interview with her, posted a couple of years ago, in which she talks about her first three books, published by Honno. As with The Ferryman’s Daughter, her books have a strongContinue reading “Strong Women and Strong Stories: interview with Juliet Greenwood”

Catherine Marshall – deep dark mysteries

Today I am discussing her books with Catherine Marshall, one of my favourite writers. Catherine comes from the Midlands, and lived in London before moving to Lancashire (so far). After an early start writing romances for an imprint of Robert Hale, Catherine turned to darker topics and more complicated psychology. If you want a genre,Continue reading “Catherine Marshall – deep dark mysteries”

BOOKCASE – The Unwanted Dead by Chris Lloyd

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In this series, we invite our Crime Cymru authors to showcase an excerpt from one of their books. This week, Chris Lloyd introduces us to the grime and fear of Occupied Paris. The extract below is from Chapter One, Page One of my new book, The Unwanted Dead, published on…