A domestic noir novel, set partly in Pembrokeshire but mostly in Lyford, a fictionalised Luton.

published by Honno 2015

In 1990, three women are anticipating motherhood. Gillian is childless, and desperate to adopt, but should she? Heather is stressed by a new move, financial worries and a young toddler. Is the imminent arrival of an unplanned second child the last straw. Lindy is a desperate teenager, homeless and pregnant. The one thing she wants is a family.

Two babies are born in Lyford hospital. For two women it’s a dream come true. For one, it’s the start of a nightmare.

Twenty two years later…
Kelly is a happy young woman living with her mother Roz on a smallholding in Pembrokeshire. Vicky is a medical student nursing a grudge against her mother Gillian, in the home counties. They are worlds apart, but those worlds are about to crash into each other, when they set out to discover who they really are.

” One of the biggest achievements for a book is to change your perspective and I certainly went away from this with exactly such a change of perspective.”
Christoph Fischer

“…a moving psychological story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.”
Librarian Lavender

Read an extract from Motherlove

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