Bethulia and Otto

This is Otto, and he has a significant role in my new novel, Bethulia. Okay, when I say he’s Otto, that’s my name for him. He is actually “The Teifi Otter” and he was presented to the town of Cardigan on the Teifi estuary by David Bellamy on behalf of the Dyfed Wildlife Trust, toContinue reading “Bethulia and Otto”

Riding the Storm

Back in 2020, I published The Covenant, whose story begins in 1883 with two girls walking home as a thunderstorm approaches… “Above the heathery crags on the far side of the broad vale, clouds were piling up, ash and charcoal, heaving themselves into volcanic plumes, turning the late June sky to November gloom. Beneath them,Continue reading “Riding the Storm”

Mellow Fruitfulness and Merry Birds

Something tells me it’s Autumn. I know it, my lane knows it and the birds know it. They have quite a banquet laid out for them. Some of these were very difficult to capture. I think I got the last bunch of hazelnuts before the psycho squirrels made off with them. And I failed entirelyContinue reading “Mellow Fruitfulness and Merry Birds”

Wild Ramblings: flying high

Birds fly. It’s the thing everyone knows about birds: they fly. Yes, yes, penguins and ostriches – okay there are exceptions. But by and large, we think of birds as flying. There are some who really do. Crows, gulls and birds of prey, for instance, have taken to the air like fish to water. Show-offs.Continue reading “Wild Ramblings: flying high”

Country wisdom… or not

Oak before Ash, we shall have a splash.Ash before Oak, we shall have a soak. This, according to country lore, dictates whether the British summer will be a time of scattered showers or torrential downpours. If there were any truth in it, we are about to experience a phenomenally dry few months. I have knownContinue reading “Country wisdom… or not”

Wild Ramblings: June is bustin’ out all over.

Cecily Mary Barker had a romantic image of the wild rose. The queen of wild flowers, floating elegantly in pink drapery. Delightful. It was an image I shared through most of my childhood. I loved the wild rose bush that was the centrepiece of our back garden in Luton. It wasn’t supposed to be there,Continue reading “Wild Ramblings: June is bustin’ out all over.”

The Write Place – My Writing Space by Thorne Moore

Originally posted on Crime Cymru:
Every now and then, one of our Crime Cymru authors is brave enough to offer us a glimpse of the place where they write. This week, Thorne Moore shows off the tidiest desk any of us has ever seen, and reveals the beautiful spot where the writing really happens. This is…