It’s a Crime

Crime Fiction comes in many forms – international thrillers, historical mysteries, psychological dramas, police procedurals, court dramas, cosy crime… the sub-genres are endless, but they all dwell on crime. What is the appeal? Real life crime comes in many sub-divisions too, but crime fiction ignores most of them. You don’t get thrillers centring on crimesContinue reading “It’s a Crime”

In Praise of Libraries

I was at an event in a library a couple of years ago, chatting with author Roz Watkins about crime writing. The library was Newport Community Library. No, not that Newport, the other very small ancient borough in Pembrokeshire. It is maintained by volunteers and donations because all around the country small libraries are beingContinue reading “In Praise of Libraries”

Getting the Picture: Children’s Literature

If you think you’ve been here before, you may well have done. Now that The Covenant is safely launched, I am going to be transferring a lot of my old posts onto my sparkling new wordpress website. So this is one. All through my childhood, bed was a place for two things; sleeping and reading.Continue reading “Getting the Picture: Children’s Literature”