Going Gothic with the Gŵyl Crime Cymru Festival

Crime Cymru is holding the first Welsh International Crime Fiction festival very soon, on-line (prior to being alive – apart from the murder victims – at the Gŵyl Crime Cymru Festival in Aberystwyth next year). As part of the digital festival, 2021, I shall be moderator at an event on May 3rd. Moderator make meContinue reading “Going Gothic with the Gŵyl Crime Cymru Festival”

More incredible events from the Gŵyl CRIME CYMRU digital festival!

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We’re so excited to reveal the programme for the Virtual CRIME CYMRU Digidol Festival! The Gŵyl CRIME CYMRU digital festival will run from 26?April to 3?May 2021 and will feature Welsh and international writers, including Lee and Andrew Child, Mari Hannah, Peter James, Clare Mackintosh, Abir Mukherjee, Matthew Hall, Elly…

Gŵyl Crime Cymru Festival 2021

After years of queuing up to attend one book event after another, not to mention helping Judith Barrow to run the Narberth Book Fair, 2020 crashed into the barriers, everything was cancelled – no book fairs, no signings, not real-life book launches. A chance for me to discover just how much I miss proper contactContinue reading “Gŵyl Crime Cymru Festival 2021”

Oh, What a Show!! Showboat’s Literary Online! #authors #writers #poets

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On Saturday 16th January 2021 we had our first Showboat Literary Online. We had a great line up of writers, lots of fun – and lots of interviewing glitches ( for the editing team at Showboat to sort out in order to showcase the event in the next months. But,…

Lit Fest On-line! And it’s free

Today, Saturday 16th January, Showboat TV is hosting a live-streaming on-line Literary Festival. There will be interviews with a host of authors, and you can watch for free by linking here:http://www.showboat.tv/2021/live.html The short sessions start at 10:30, with Judith Barrow interviewing Angela Johnson, Greg Howes, Alex Craigie, Colin R Parsons (Jake Ridge), Jan Baynham andContinue reading “Lit Fest On-line! And it’s free”

Announcing the first Showboat tv #Online #LitFest # Saturday #Authors #Interviews #Q&As #Public #FreeEvent

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On Saturday 16th January 2021, Showboat tv will be holding their first Online LitFest with Authors, Writer and Poets throughout Wales. This link gives all the information: http://bit.ly/3i9PhRv The event is FREE and will be held between 10.30am to approximately 5.00pm. The following is a taster of the event… This…