A few Moments With Carol Lovekin #MondayBlogs #Interview @Honno

Originally posted on Judith Barrow:
Handing over to Carol for a moment Hello, dear reader, and welcome.Like you, I am a guest; invited by Judith to appear on her blog and answer some questions. This is an event, frankly. Since lockdown has put paid to physical book launches and fairs, sitting down to write about…

JUDITH BARROW: The Heart Stone

I was fortunate, recently, to be able to interview Judith Barrow on Zoom and thanks to Showboat TV‘s assistance, we recorded it. In case you missed it, here is the transcript. ThorneI am chatting with my friend and fellow author Judith Barrow, who has published five books so far: the Howarth family trilogy with theContinue reading “JUDITH BARROW: The Heart Stone”

Thorne Moore Interview by G B Williams

Originally posted on GB Williams Crime Blog:
Another English immigrant to Wales, Thorne Moore is a fellow Crime Cymru member, who writes some great psychological thrillers and brings a real sense of family, community and of Wales to her writing. When did you start writing, and why? I can’t remember the time when inventing stories…

The Memory: Interview with Judith Barrow

Fellow author Judith Barrow‘s novel, The Memory, came out this year and I can vouch for it being a gripping and very moving read. I’ve interviewed her about it – well, cornered her and demanded answers – and this is what she had to say. Q: You’ve written four volumes of a family saga aboutContinue reading “The Memory: Interview with Judith Barrow”

Strong Women and Strong Stories: interview with Juliet Greenwood

Juliet Greenwood brought out a new novel this year – The Ferryman’s Daughter, published by Orion, set in Edwardian Cornwall, but here is my interview with her, posted a couple of years ago, in which she talks about her first three books, published by Honno. As with The Ferryman’s Daughter, her books have a strongContinue reading “Strong Women and Strong Stories: interview with Juliet Greenwood”

Catherine Marshall – deep dark mysteries

Today I am discussing her books with Catherine Marshall, one of my favourite writers. Catherine comes from the Midlands, and lived in London before moving to Lancashire (so far). After an early start writing romances for an imprint of Robert Hale, Catherine turned to darker topics and more complicated psychology. If you want a genre,Continue reading “Catherine Marshall – deep dark mysteries”

Woodbine: Interview with Alex Martin

Another post rescued from my old blog. In April, fellow author Alex Martin, published Woodbine, book number Five in the Katherine Wheel Series, and I invited her to talk about it – set in a challenging situation slightly different to the lock-down we were then experiencing. Alex, you’ve created a family in the Katherine WheelContinue reading “Woodbine: Interview with Alex Martin”

Honno: “Great Women, Great Writing, Great Stories.” Today with Judith Barrow

A repeat here of my interview with fellow Honno author Judith Barrow, who ran a series of interviews on her blog with other authors published by Honno Welsh Women’s Press, but forgot to include herself. I thought it was about time that the table was turned on her, so here she is. So, Judith, youContinue reading “Honno: “Great Women, Great Writing, Great Stories.” Today with Judith Barrow”

Q&A with Thorne Moore – home is where the hurt is

Originally posted on Crime Cymru:
Every week we feature a Q&A session with one of our Crime Cymru authors. This week,?Thorne Moore offers a fascinating insight into how not just location, but homes and buildings impact on character and story. Can you tell us a little about yourself? I was born in Luton, but I’ve…