I grew up in Luton but I have lived in north Pembrokeshire for the last few decades. I decided to be a writer at the age of about five, which is why I ignored my headmaster’s advice to study law and make a lot of money. Instead, I studied history at Aberystwyth, and much later, sneakily took a law degree through the Open University when my old headmaster would know nothing about it and couldn’t say I told you so.

I worked for some years in a library before deciding that I wasn’t fit to be an employee, so I left to become self-employed, making miniature furniture and running a restaurant with my sister Liz. These days I more or less write full time in my old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere.

With my fellow author and good friend Judith Barrow, I ran the Narberth Book Fair for several years, before handing it on to the Queen’s Hall.

I am a member of Crime Cymru, a Welsh crime writers collective.


Join me at 1pm on 3rd May at the digital GŴYL CRIME CYMRU FESTIVAL 2021 for “Horrible Histories: Gothic crime fiction,” where I will be joined by Sarah Ward and E S Thomson, two very popular crime fiction authors to discuss – amongst other things – stretching the imagination within the crime genre.

FREE, but book your place via Eventbrite


Coming soon (May 12th) and branching into an entirely different genre: Science Fiction.

available to pre-order now