I grew up in Luton but I have lived in north Pembrokeshire for the last few decades. I decided to be a writer at the age of about five, which is why I ignored my headmaster’s advice to study law and make a lot of money. Instead, I studied history at Aberystwyth, and much later, sneakily took a law degree through the Open University when my old headmaster would know nothing about it and couldn’t say I told you so.

I worked for some years in a library before deciding that I wasn’t fit to be an employee, so I left to become self-employed, making miniature furniture and running a restaurant with my sister Liz. These days I more or less write full time in my old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere.

With my fellow author and good friend Judith Barrow, I ran the Narberth Book Fair for several years, before handing it on to the Queen’s Hall.

I am a member of Crime Cymru, a Welsh crime writers collective.


Meet me at the Crickhowell Literary Festival, on October 16th, 2021

2pm Crickhowell Parish Hall.
Past, Present, Future. Thrilling readers through the ages. I’ll be with Beverley Jones and Louise Mumford, talking about the challenges of different time settings.

6pm Crickhowell Parish Hall.
Writing Wales: being inspired by the Welsh Landscape. I’ll be joining Alison Layland, GB Williams and Alis Hawkins.

What a Character
Narberth Museum, on October 22nd 2021

7:30pm Join Judith Barrow and me for a fun session on character creation.


Branching into an entirely different genre: Science Fiction.