The Covenant

The Life and Death of a Righteous Woman

An historical drama set in Pembrokeshire: The prequel to A Time For Silence.

published by Honno August 20th 2020

In 1883, Leah  is nine and full of hope, brightest of the Owens who farm the land of Cwmderwen. But tragedy leaves her loving family fatally wounded, turning her father’s mind and killing dreams.

Leah is ruled by duty, to God, to her family, and to the farm that is sucking the life out of her—the farm to which she is bound by a covenant of blood.

Leah’s withered dreams fix on her niece and nephew, Annie and John. At all costs, John Owen must inherit the tenancy of their precious 24 acres, 1 rood and 8 perches. But what sort of man has she helped to create? Is there hope for any of them, or is Cwmderwen’s poison too strong?

The future is carved in stone… Or is it?

“well written, well researched, and utterly compelling, and with a satisfying twist at the end. Highly recommended!”
Susan Elliot Wright

“A beautifully observed story of fate and family made real and immediate by deftly-deployed historical detail and an understanding of human nature in all its variety. Thorne Moore evokes a vanished society in a way reminiscent of Thomas Hardy.”
Alis Hawkins

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