Bad Hair Day for Holofernes

The great thing about the Bible, for artists of the past, was that it gave them a whole host of excuses to depict war, murder, pillage, rape, and a great deal of naked flesh, without risk of censure. Or mostly without censure. Michelangelo had a field day, but a few fig leaves were added later.Continue reading “Bad Hair Day for Holofernes”

Libraries are Important. #Readers #Books #Libraries #Librarians #Pembrokeshire #Wales #MondayBookBlog

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Image courtesy of Pixabay When I was a child my mother took me every Saturday to the small library in our village. I was allowed six books – usually all read by the Wednesday (I was one of those kids who read by torchlight under the bedclothes – and got…

Qui custodiet ipsos custodes

A funny thing happened to me on the way to writing my latest book, Bethulia. It’s a book in which, just for once, I feature a police investigation, and the opening sequence of that section portrays a young female police detective being treated disparagingly by a male senior officer, who exhibits decidedly misogynistic and racistContinue reading “Qui custodiet ipsos custodes”

Woman by Trish Power aka @AlexCraigie #poem #woman #wednesdaythought

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Posted on?February 22, 2023 As some of you may know, I hold creative writing workshops and I also tutored creative writing for the local council for many years before Covid came along. Tutoring?adults?can be ?rewarding (discovering wonderful writers),?chaotic (my lesson plans were rarely followed – someone inevitably took things off…

Bethulia: The Master and the Mouse

My latest book, Bethulia, follows the story of several women, but they all revolve around a man, Simon Delaney. There are two things you need to know about Simon Delaney. a) he’s good-looking and b) he’s the bad guy. This is not a serious spoiler, because I think it’s fairly obvious to the reader fromContinue reading “Bethulia: The Master and the Mouse”

Cutting the ties that bind… #Bookreview: Sisters by @JudithBarrow77 #FamilyEstrangement #FamilySaga

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Cutting the ties that bind. Family. We’re hard-wired to need them, to forgive them their trespasses, to love them. But what happens if we don’t like them? If they disappoint us? Or if they just don’t want to be in our lives? We watch it play out between royal brothers…

Wednesday Windback with Thorne Moore @ThorneMoore

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Today I’m delighted to revisit my Five on Friday interview with Thorne Moore which was first posted in July 2019. It’s been brought up to date to include Thorne’s latest publications. Thorne writes psychological mysteries, or “domestic noir,” exploring the reason for crimes and their consequences, rather than…