Waves Approaching

I published my first science fiction novel, Inside Out, last year and I am now about to publish its sequel, Making Waves, following the fates of the idiots who travelled to Triton in the first book. As before, it is primarily a book about characters and how they respond to events, but naturally it isContinue reading “Waves Approaching”

Honno Authors Book Fair 2022 Guest Post with Judith Barrow

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Prior to the first Honno Authors Book Fair in May, my first guest post features the splendid Judith Barrow, telling us what she has missed about book fairs. Judith is one of Honno’s most prolific authors and a co-founding member of the original Tenby Book…

BOOKCASE – Not One Of Us by Alis Hawkins

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In this series, we invite our Crime Cymru authors to showcase an excerpt from one of their books. This week, Alis Hawkins?reveals the?importance of opening?pages to her latest novel, Not One Of Us. The opening page of a book is crucial. Along with the cover image and the blurb on…

How I Write by Cheryl Rees-Price

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In our How I Write series, our Crime Cymru authors share their insights into the writing process. This week, Cheryl Rees-Price gives a beautifully clear step-by-step guide to plotting and preparation and offers some great tips for aspiring writers. When I wrote my first book I picked up a pen and started writing…

Birthdays, Best Sellers, and The BigBad. #humor #writing #UrbanFantasy

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Last week I got together with a few other writing friends just before my birthday. Over too much cake, just enough wine, and a lot of laughter, we exchanged writing tips and suggestions. Possibly because I did too much of the former cake-eating, I didn’t get to my part of…

Writing What You Don’t Know by Eamonn Griffin

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Each week, we invite our Crime Cymru writers to tell us a bit about themselves and their writing. This week, Eamonn Griffin gets himself into a bit of research-related bother. Writing What You Don’t Know by Eamonn Griffin One of those often-repeated maxims about writing is to write what you…

How Travel Broadens the Mind

Whatever genre I write in, I always write about people plucked out of their comfort zone by a traumatic event that turns their world upside down. The question is always how do they deal with it? Do they crumble? Do they meekly adapt? Or do they find hidden strengths within themselves to take on theContinue reading “How Travel Broadens the Mind”

The Long and Winding Road. The journey of a Wannabe Writer #MondayBlogs #Writing #EverHopeful

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I wrote for years before letting anyone read my work. If I was self-deluded; if it was rubbish, I didn’t want to be told. I enjoyed my “little hobby” (as it was once described by a family member). But then I began to enter my short stories into competitions. Sometimes…

Red for Right by GB Williams

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In our How I Write series, our Crime Cymru authors share their insights into the writing process. This week, GB Williams talks about the importance of editing and of working with a good editor. Red for Right Every reader, and every good author, knows that good editing is as vital…

And On The Seventh Day I Published: the joys of world-building

All fiction writers have a God complex – they want to be a creator. Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, in which a scientist usurped the role of God by creating a sentient creature. It was intended to be regarded as a shocking blasphemy that could only lead to disaster, but it’s something that fiction writers haveContinue reading “And On The Seventh Day I Published: the joys of world-building”