Crime Cymru: The Welsh Crime Writing Collective.

Honchoess? Honcha? Actually more of a dogsbody.

Rats on the Run

… … …

It’s been a pleasure to work on designing and creating the new website for Crime Cymru – The Welsh Crime Writing Collective.

After a kind word from Cal Smyth, who I’d previously worked with to make trailers and music for his Balkan Noir trilogy, I got to know and work closely with Thorne – an accomplished author of crime and grit fiction and head honcho-ess (or should that be femme fetale?) of the Crime Cymru collective.

What followed was a few intense weeks of building, designing and sharing ideas, of creating a brand and a presence.

I wanted to tease out that pulp-fiction feel, a throwback to hard-boiled crime writing. Red Harvest, Maltese Falcon, The Killer Inside Me, black and white movies, dubious PIs, type-written notes, while maintaining that connection to Wales.

Well here it is – Up now and LIVE.

A wealth of…

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