The Covenant: a week to remember

Some weeks are more hectic than others. This last has been very hectic non-stop activity for me, which is not bad considering I barely left the house, or the keyboard. My latest novel, The Covenant, is finally published, and although I’ve had books published before, they have never previously made their appearance in the middle of a pandemic. I am sure my character Leah would have risen to the occasion of a national emergency lockdown, while her sister Sarah squealed and her brother Frank got drunk. But then, in Cwmderwen, the isolated cottage that is the setting for this book and for A Time For Silence, lockdown was a permanent state of affairs.

If you want to catch up on all my posts about The Covenant, find them here But now you can read the book instead.

I am very grateful to everyone who helped The Covenant on its way. Especially to my publisher, Honno Press, which has worked miracles despite the challenges that malicious life has thrown up this year. Especially thank you, Helena, Honno’s press officer, for arranging the Twitter launch which, on my part, was less tweeting like a little bird and more squawking like a headless chicken. I began my education in distant communications with telephones where you inserted a sixpence and pressed button A, and even that panicked me. This is possibly why I am best locked in a room with a keyboard.

Thank you also, Anne Cater, of Random Things Through My Letterbox, who organised my blog tour, including a chance to win a copy , to the bloggers who reviewed it on The Butler Did It, Booker Talk, Cheryl M-M’s Book Blog and Beyond the Books, and to Anne Williams, on Being Anne, who hosted a guest post from me.
If you fancy hearing and seeing a little more about the book, here’s a very short film from my book launch:

And here is a trailer:

It’s a nerve-racking thing, publishing a new book, but I am very glad to see Leah Owen sailing on her way. Out of my hands now.

The COVENANT available now as e-book and paperback
from Honno
from Amazon
from Kobo
From Hive

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