A Christmas Story by Thorne Moore

My turn to offer a Christmas story to Crime Cymru. Bon appetit.

Crime Cymru

It’s Christmas Eve, the tree is up, the wine is poured and the mince pies are nestling on the plate, which can only mean one thing – time for more seasonal mayhem and devilry from one of our wonderful Crime Cymru authors. To mark the occasion, Thorne Moore tempts us with a succulent taste of Christmas dinner… although it’s never going to be that straightforward. This is Crime Cymru after all.

CHEF’S SPECIAL by Thorne Moore

A scream split the dusty air. Aunt Fi came at me, waving a newspaper, her mouth open in horror.

‘Have you seen it? There. There! What am I to do? How can I compete with that?’

I lowered the paperchain I had been attempting to hook across the ceiling and took the paper from her, trying to absorb the import of the story spread across the entire sheet. “White Horse Follows its Christmas Star.”…

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