Loved this first time round. Somehow it makes even more sense now.

Judith Barrow

In the years before 2020, I taught creative writing to adults under the Lifelong Learning Scheme, run by Pembrokeshire County Council.

The following is a short story written by one of my students, from an exercise I gave the class in 2018. That student is Trish, who writes under the name of Alex Craigie.

I’ve copied and pasted the post I wrote in 2018 – this is the original link:

The Introduction to the post…

Some of you may know, as well as holding private creative writing workshops, I also tutor creative writing for the local council. Tutoringadultscan be rewarding (discovering wonderful writers),chaotic (my lesson plans are rarely followed – someone will inevitably take things off at a tangent) hilarious (theundiscoveredcomedian/ thecompletely unaware comedian) and thought-provoking (especially with memoir writing) Every now and then I like to share some of their work.Hereis a piece written by Trish Power…

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