SHORT STORY – JERRY by Gareth W. Williams

Another short story from a Crime Cymru author

Crime Cymru

As you’d imagine, language is important to Crime Cymru writers. So too are accents. In this short story by Gareth W. Williams, you’ll discover that it’s not necessarily what you say that matters, it’s the way that you say it.

JERRY by Gareth W. Williams

Jerry, or Jeremiah to give him his full name, had become a bit of a star in the office, and everyone came in to say a word or two to him when they passed by Sergeant Amos’s desk. He sat on his pole in the cage turning his gaze to those who demanded his attention, and more often than not, he would respond obediently to any word he was prompted to say and imitate the accent and voice of the speaker perfectly. Jerry was a Macaw, to be precise; with his back, wings and long tail bright blue, and with a fiery yellow waistcoat around…

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