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Crime Cymru

Every now and then, one of our Crime Cymru authors is brave enough to offer us a glimpse of the place where they write. This week, Thorne Moore shows off the tidiest desk any of us has ever seen, and reveals the beautiful spot where the writing really happens.

This is my desk. If you believe this is how my desk really looks most of the time, my work here as a fiction writer is done. Look, I’ve even put some flowers there, to make it appear really civilised.

Okay, photograph taken, I can put back all the empty envelopes, bank statements, shopping lists, postcards, used screen wipes, mugs, dead batteries, screw drivers, seed packets, plastic bags and random bits of wire that should connect somewhere but I’ve forgotten where, that are currently piled up just behind me. Or I might keep it clear for at least one more…

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