I have received a very impressive review of Inside Out on the Dr Who Online website. I especially appreciated being compared to Russell T Davies, so I was generally feeling pleased. But it also got me thinking about Dr Who. I am so very ancient that I remember seeing the first episode, with William Hartnell in 492BC (I think something major happened, the day before). I regarded Dr Who as a definite improvement on Pinky and Perky (if you don’t know it, don’t ask): entertaining, interesting, unexpected and, I guessed, slightly educational. And then the Daleks arrived on the scene and it became an absolutely not to be missed weekly Appointment with Fear! A delicious experience of terror that I watched with my hands over my face, if not actually from behind the sofa.

It was and is a programme that continues to raise thought-provoking issues of major importance, first amongst them being, why does a Time Lord with the whole of the time-space continuum at his command, choose as his vehicle a Metropolitan police phone box that would have blended in perfectly as long as it was in Britain in the 1960s, but must be completely mystifying in any other time or place.

Anyway, read the excellent review of Inside Out here: https://news.drwho-online.co.uk/REVIEW-Inside-Out-By-Thorne-Moore.aspx

I am delighted to say that its sequel, Making Waves, will be published very shortly. Watch this space.

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