New Book: Making Waves

Welcome to Triton, the largest moon of Neptune. Or, welcome to Triton again, if you have already read INSIDE OUT. It’s a little bit chilly, and it’s a little bit distant (only about 4.5 billion kilometres away, give or take). But it’s a freedom-loving place, especially if you’re a corporation keen to maximise your profits without having to pay lip service to all those niggly little regulations like human rights. Because the great thing about the Outer Circles, beyond Jupiter, is that there’s no fussing about with law to tie you down.

So why not give Triton a try. If you’re willing to put your back into it, it’s a place to make an eye-watering fortune. Because, as you know, work makes you free. Of course it doesn’t live up to everyone’s expectations. If you want it easy, or you’re over-sensitive, or your reactions are a little bit slow, it’s probably not for you. You’re very welcome to come. All you have to do is sign a contract to work for seven years under Jordan Pascal, Director of Outer Circles Operations for Ragnox Inc. Yes there’s small print, but who ever bothers to look at that?

What’s the alternative, out there in the dark? Well, there are other corporations, like Astromarina or Cybercorp, but they’re small fry, compared with Ragnox Inc.

And there’s Pan. Not quite sure what Pan is, exactly. A corporation? Maybe. At its head is Benedict Darke – but no one is quite sure who he is. The only thing that’s certain is that Ragnox finds him a major irritation. One that needs eliminating. And, strangely, Pan feels the same way about Jordan Pascal. Which means war, but that’s what life is all about in the Outer Circles. It isn’t a place for neutrality.

Nor is it a place of much interest to those living in the civilised Inner Circles, unless it impacts on share prices. For people back on a rather chaotic Earth, or strolling along the affluent boulevards of Platinum City on Mars, or clubbing in colonial outposts like Ganymede, the moon of Jupiter, the Outer Circles are best ignored. Activity out there is all so remote it’s almost fictional. No one wants to be bothered with the truth – but someone intends to wake them up.

MAKING WAVES, part II of Salvage, is available now on Kindle.

5 thoughts on “New Book: Making Waves

  1. This amazing book holds a mirror up to human behaviour in any century. The very worst of behaviour and the very best are here and the tale is told with wit, compassion and an understanding of humanity in all its forms. I absolutely loved it.

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