Honno Authors Book Fair 2022 Guest Post with Liz Jones

Another post from a Honno author who will be at Narberth on May 7th. This time, Liz Jones, via Carol Lovekin’s blog.

Making it up as I go along

This week, it is my pleasure to introduce Liz Jones, who will be appearing at the first Honno Authors Book Fairin Narberth on Saturday 7 May 2022. Liz writes creative non-fiction and is the author of the ‘Eminently readable and meticulously researched‘ biography, The Queen of Romance: Marguerite Jervis.

Yet another author who saw her book published during lockdown, Liz was also denied a physical launch. Invited to share her thoughts about lockdown and the things she has missed, Liz sent this delightful essay. Over to you, Liz.


I am writing this in my back room at home. It’s a small, sunny room, lined with books. At the end sits a pair of drafty French windows (I must get them insulated) overlooking a large-ish, storm-ravaged garden.

There’s nothing unusual about this room. There are plenty of small, square rooms like this, in my road alone. But…

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