That’s my love language. What’s yours? PLUS #BookReview MAKING WAVES by @ThorneMoore #RBRT #SciFi

Barb Taub explores love language tests, and there should really be one for authors, including:
a) I receive a review
b) I’m allowed time to read and reread it
c) It’s a great review
d) It’s posted on-line for me to share
e) If I were a dog, it would have me wagging my tail so hard I’d knock over the furniture.
Thank you, Barb.

Barb Taub

What’s your Work Love/Appreciation Test?

I heard through the human resources grapevine about the Love Test, in which Gary Chapman’s “Five Love Languages” theory has been adapted to workplace “appreciation” training. This is, naturally, HR’s fault. After many decades in the human resources trenches, I know that everyone hates HR because…well, because they’re HR. Sadly, many human resources executives cling to the cherished illusion that employees can be trained to appreciate each other (by which they mean, of course, appreciate HR). In fact, however, employees reserve all their appreciation for only two things—money, and being left alone. (Or three things if your company has Donut Day.)

Still, never let it be said that I was unwilling to do my part to further scientific research. After careful preparation, I was ready to take the Love Test. The only free version was for couples, but their literature points out that the same…

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