Tales my Great Aunt told me. 1: rape and high treason

I had a great aunt. She was the sort of great aunt that you would conjure up if you wanted to invent a great aunt. Always straight-faced, apparently straight-laced, and thoroughly wicked. I remember the exquisite agony of accompanying her, when I was a child, along the Crwys Road in Cardiff, pausing at every greengrocerContinue reading “Tales my Great Aunt told me. 1: rape and high treason”

Location, Location: Devil’s Acre

I’ve spent a lifetime researching my family tree. It was never in the hope of finding an aristocrat, statesman, general or explorer among my ancestors. I just wanted to connect with generation upon generation of ancestors, probably all ditch-diggers and swineherds, who had clung on through thin and thinner, back into the mists of history.Continue reading “Location, Location: Devil’s Acre”