A Christmas Story by Eamonn Griffin

Another Crime Cymru Christmas story, this one by Eamonn Griffin.

Crime Cymru

This has been a tough year, but now that Christmas is nearly upon us, our brilliantly talented Crime Cymru authors have decided to bring us all some seasonal cheer with stories of murder, mayhem and heavenly choirs. So pull up a mince pie, pour yourself a glass of wine, and enjoy the first of our stories. And in a year in which we all learnt some new words, most notably ‘lockdown’, what more fitting way to begin than Eamonn Griffin‘s tense story of an altogether different form of lockdown.


by Eamonn Griffin

December the 23rd, and Tommy Murphy was making streamers again. Well, still. He seemed to have been at it for weeks. Gummed strips of crepe paper looped together to make banner decorations. The standing joke in Lincoln nick was that Tommy was working on the world’s most useless escape rope.

Matlock watched…

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