A Christmas Story by Sally Spedding

Another Christmas Story from Crime Cymru, this one by Sally Spedding.

Crime Cymru

At any time of year, but especially at Christmas, there’s something ghostly and enticing about the solitary and desolate world of lighthouses. In today’s Christmas story, Sally Spedding revisits the true mystery of the Flannan Isle lighthouse to transport us to an eerie tale of disappearance and loss.


Though three men dwelt on Flannan Isle
To keep the lamp alight,
As we steered under the lee, we caught
No glimmer through the night.

Wilfrid Wilson Gibson

14.32 p.m. Sunday 18th December 1983.

Jack Tennant, along with two other travellers from Oban encumbered with bird-watching gear, scrambled through the rising tide until his boots met the sunken remains of Eilean Mor’s concrete walkway.

His salted eyes scanned the rock face awaiting him, and he cursed that those granite steps leading upwards still hadn’t been restored. Given that this home to the Flannan Island…

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