A Christmas Story by Judith Barrow

A little Christmas gem by Judith Barrow for Crime Cymru

Crime Cymru

This year, Santa’s little helpers have been more than generous and we’ve got a bumper crop of wonderful Christmas short stories for you – from the dark to the whimsical and all stops in between. So put your favourite Christmas jumper on, pour yourself a mulled wine, grab a mince pie and sit down for another great criminally festive read.

Christmas is a time for family and festive cheer, although as Julia decides in today’s chilling story by Judith Barrow, sometimes you just have to think of yourself

Julia’s Christmas Present to Herself by Judith Barrow

Julia Lewis stands still on the step at the front door of the house before pushing the key into the lock.

‘I’m home,’ she calls, knowing full well no one will answer. Not anymore. Never again.

The house is silent; there is no irritable retort from behind the door to…

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