A Christmas Story by Thorne Moore

My turn to offer a Christmas story for Crime Cymru. Enjoy

Crime Cymru

So this is Christmas. We hope you’ve had fun with our selection of seasonal tales of murder, mistletoe and mayhem. Before the last story on the night before Christmas, it just remains for all of us at Crime Cymru to wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the 2022 that we all want!

In our final story, Thorne Moore revels in all that is romantic about Christmas… before bringing you back to earth with a bump in the night and tingling your spine with a chilling tale of a windswept cottage and murderous legend. We are Crime Cymru, after all.

A Christmas Roast by Thorne Moore

I love Christmas. In theory. I love the romance of it, which is understandable, as I’m a romantic novelist and romance is my business. My books have a tendency to end with a passionate kiss under…

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