A Christmas Story by Dylan H. Jones

Crime Cymru is posting Christmas stories again this year. This one is definitely for a dark and stormy night.

Crime Cymru

Wales has a strong seafaring tradition, so to carry on with the maritime theme of our last Christmas short story, Dylan H. Jones brings us a haunting and atmospheric tale of a mysterious inn and a ghostly shipwreck.

The fire spat up a spray of red-hot embers as Arthur Williams poked at the logs, “If it’s a ghost story you’re looking for,” he said, sitting back and sipping his port. “I’ll tell you one that’ll make your blood run cold.”

The three men standing in the hotel hallway looked at each other, shrugged, and continued threading cables and positioning a digital camera at the base of the staircase. They were like floaters in the corners of his eyes, Arthur thought, there, but not really there at all.

“And watch out for that bloody Christmas tree,” he barked, leaning from the chair, his pot belly rolling over the waistband of his…

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