A Christmas Story by Thorne Moore

Originally posted on Crime Cymru:
So this is Christmas. We hope you’ve had fun with our selection of seasonal tales of murder, mistletoe and mayhem. Before the last story on the night before Christmas, it just remains for all of us at Crime Cymru to wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best…

A Christmas Story by Dylan H. Jones

Originally posted on Crime Cymru:
Wales has a strong seafaring tradition, so to carry on with the maritime theme of our last Christmas short story, Dylan H. Jones brings us a haunting and atmospheric tale of a mysterious inn and a ghostly shipwreck. The fire spat up a spray of red-hot embers as Arthur Williams…

Believe It Or Not: paranormal fiction

When my father left the air force at the end of World War II with a bit of money in his pocket, he spent some of it on a complete set of the latest edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. I still have it, well worn, with some of the 24 spines barely legible any more.Continue reading “Believe It Or Not: paranormal fiction”

A Tale for All Hallow’s Eve

The clouds scud. There‚Äôs a moon up there somewhere, but it keeps vanishing. The same winds that tumble the skies are tossing the trees, whistling in their high boughs. When the moon creeps out for a moment or two, fat-bellied and gibbous, the shadows of thrashing branches snake and writhe across the road, black onContinue reading “A Tale for All Hallow’s Eve”