A Christmas Story by Eamonn Griffin

Originally posted on Crime Cymru:
This has been a tough year, but now that Christmas is nearly upon us, our brilliantly talented Crime Cymru authors have decided to bring us all some seasonal cheer with stories of murder, mayhem and heavenly choirs. So pull up a mince pie, pour yourself a glass of wine, and…

A Christmas Story by Dylan H. Jones

Originally posted on Crime Cymru:
Wales has a strong seafaring tradition, so to carry on with the maritime theme of our last Christmas short story, Dylan H. Jones brings us a haunting and atmospheric tale of a mysterious inn and a ghostly shipwreck. The fire spat up a spray of red-hot embers as Arthur Williams…

Christmas starts now. Or it used to.

I am nicking this post, looking at the history of Christmas, from my business website which won’t be there for much longer (I am officially retired!) In 350AD the Pope decreed that the feast of Christ’s Nativity should be held on December 25. This was fortunate because in Northern Europe it was essential to findContinue reading “Christmas starts now. Or it used to.”