Fatal Collision

A psychological crime drama set in Pembrokeshire.

published by Diamond Crime, 28th March 2022
ISBN 978-1739744816

Artist Nicki Bryce is dealing with crippling grief and PTSD following the death of her husband Adam, killed by a drunk driver. The wheels of justice are grinding very slowly, prolonging the agony for Nicki and her daughter Willow. To add to their grief, they are being pursued by a threatening stalker. The offer of escape to a cottage on a Pembrokeshire cliff seems too good to refuse.

It isn’t quite the escape they hope for, as they become involved with neighbours nursing traumas of their own. The harbour village of Tregelli is a battlefield where classes and cultures clash as well as people. There’s more than one sort of fatal collision. There’s more than one sort of justice.

“It’s all about the characters. There’s a strong sense of ‘everyone has their own story’ behind every one of them. Moore’s great skill lies in weaving those stories into an entire world which seems to live and breathe and continue to exist beyond the confines of the page.”
Lynne Patrick for Mystery People

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