Making Waves

Salvage II, sequel to Inside Out, continuing the stories of the rash fools who chose to travel to Triton. For those who remain on Triton, the question is, will they survive. For those who left them there, same question.

Commander Tod Foxe of the Heloise has left five rash volunteers on Triton, where they must fulfil their contracts to work for seven years under the brutal rule of Jordan Pascal, Director of Outer Circles Operations for Ragnox Inc. They came in order to make a fortune, but now their primary concern is to survive. Not many do on Triton. Do they keep their heads down, enduring, or try to claw their way to the top? Either option is dangerous.

For those who leave on the Heloise, there are also dangerous choices to be made. Do they cling to their independence or throw in their lot with Pan, the deadly rival of Ragnox Inc. in the Outer Circles? My enemy’s enemy is my friend – or so it’s said. What exactly is Pan? Who exactly is its leader, Benedict Darke? It’s war, and war makes people merciless.

Whether they remain on Triton or leave, there is one secret they must all keep at any cost.

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Part I, Inside Out, also available.

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