Inside Out

Seven travellers go on a journey – both a physical and a psychological journey. Some thrills, some humour, some romance, but most of all, I hope, a ripping yarn.

A couple of centuries into the future, seven travellers choose to go on a journey to Triton station, Outer Circles headquarters of Ragnox Inc, on the moon of Neptune. It’s a place to make money, lots of money, and they intend to do so.

They have other goals too as they board the space-freighter Heloise, under the control of Commander Foxe. Fussy Maggy Jole wants to belong, as she has never been permitted to before. Silent Peter Selden wants to escape his own past. Spoiled Abigail Dieterman wants to be free of paternal domination. Hapless Merrit Burnand wants to turn his back on the mess he’s made of things so far and start again. Inebriated Christie Steen wants to exterminate everything she has become. No one knows what David Rabiotti wants – he’s an unreadable book. And Smith, well, Smith wants everything.

Whatever it is they want, they are all hiding something. But in the Outer Circles there is no hiding, no pretence – and no turning back. The travellers have eleven months to contemplate the future, come to terms with the small print of their contracts, and wish they’d never signed. But changing their minds is not an option.

Sometimes it really is better to travel… than arrive.

“The surprises came thick and fast and the expertly woven plot came together in a rousing ending that is one of the best I’ve read. Ever.”
Trish Powers

“Really good book. I enjoyed my time with the crew and passengers of the Heloise. We made good progress together. We started as strangers and ended as friends. What started as a journey towards fear may yet end in redemption.”
Noel Powell

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