ISBN 978-1-915649-22-5

A crime drama set in Oxfordshire and Pembrokeshire.

Published by Diamond Crime 2023

Alison, Danny, Jude: three girls bound closer than sisters. Nothing can ever divide them.

Until Alison falls for Simon Delaney. He’s handsome, successful and ambitious. What woman wouldn’t want him? He’s surely her perfect husband. Any woman’s perfect husband. But in that case, why does she commit suicide?

If it really is suicide. With no evidence to the contrary, the police are ready to say yes. All except for the driven DC Rosanna Quillan. She says no, but she can only watch as Jude and Danny fight for the prize – the widower. How far would either of them go to have him?

And how bitter is the fruit of success?

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reviewed by Lynne Patrick for Mystery People

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