The Unravelling

A domestic noir novel, set mainly in Lyford, a fictionalised Luton

published by Honno 2016

A bleak January evening and Karen Rothwell returns home from work. An apple falls from a bag and rolls into a gully. An insignificant and undramatic event, but for some reason it sparks memories of a school friend Karen hasn’t seen or even thought about for thirty-five years. Serena Whinn.

Why has Karen’s forgotten childhood crush suddenly sprung into life – and what is it she is still not remembering?
Karen cannot rest until she finds out. But then, she’s never been able to rest—she’s too damaged. And she is not the only one. Will the truth heal, or only serve to open old wounds?
Perhaps it will even inflict new ones.

“The story itself,with its peeling layers of secrets and lies, is totally enthralling and quite perfectly paced – this is one of those books that haunts you for as long as you’re reading, and stays with you long after you’ve finished.”
Anne Williams

“It draws relentlessly towards an ominous ending… It is a thrilling read, and believable too.”
Rachel Carney

Read an extract from The Unravelling

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