Long Shadows

Three historical crime novellas set in the ancient Pembrokeshire mansion that features in Shadows.

Paperback published 2018 by FeedARead
ISBN  9781788762816
Published for Kindle by Lume Books

Dark Tales of Llysygarn

The Good Servant is the story of Nelly Skeel, unloved housekeeper at Llys y Garn at the end of the nineteenth century, whose only focus of affection is her master’s despised nephew. For Cyril Lawson, she will do anything, whatever the cost.

The Witch tells of Elizabeth Powell, born as Charles II is restored to the throne, in a world of changing political allegiences, where religious bigotry and superstitions linger on. Her love is not for her family, her duty, her God or her future husband, but for the house where she was born. For that she would sell her soul.

The Dragon Slayer tells of Angharad ferch Owain, in the early decades of the fourteenth century. Angharad is an expendable asset in her father’s schemes to recover old rights and narrow claims, but she dreams of wider horizons, and a world without the roaring of men. A world that might spare her from the seemingly inevitable fate of all women.

“This is a wonderful book, albeit with a theme that might make some of us uncomfortable (especially the men), which does not make it any less true.”
Frank Watson

“I loved every word of this book; I kept trying to read it slowly, so it wouldn’t end. The stories are haunting and sad, and say much about the sad lot of women in eras in which they are set.”
Terry Tyler

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