Shepherding Readers

Looking for a good read? There’s a new kid on the internet block of book recommendations: It is still growing and developing, but I can vouch for it being a site with excellent taste because it features one of my historical fiction books, Long Shadows.

Visitors can browse books in two way.

They can visit bookshelves on particular topics, for example Murder, its shelf populated by recommendations from hundreds of authors.

Or World War 2, another biggie with over a thousand recommended books.

Or a slightly more limited selection on French Cuisine.

Alternatively, you can check out the listed recommendations of individual authors, with a very specific and sometime eye-opening slant. Take “The best fiction books with realistic portrayals of crime” as recommended by Michelle Goddard-Richer.  

Or “The best horror novels that were adapted into film that will haunt you forever,” a list compiled by Krystale Jane’l

Or maybe “The best books on race and slavery in the colonial lower Mississippi Valley” as chosen by Christian Pinnen.

My own recommendations are for historical fiction: “The best books that portray the lives, perception, and beliefs of ordinary people.”

Try it out to find your next good read and be wafted into some very interesting byways.

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